Flying Spoon references

In the following we show our partners with whom we have successfully implemented gamification.


1. Gamification content HUB for information transfer

2. Learning strategy for knowledge transfer

3. Interactive playable learning content for knowledge transfer


1. Argument Map: Workshop tool for change communication

2. Assessment tool for employee activation

3. Argument Map 2: Workshop tool for the new headquarter


Internal campaign:
Educational game with verified information on cancer prevention and screening

Deutsche Bahn

1. Human Resource: Offer training positions for train drivers

2. Regular customer reactivation

3. Advent calendar

T - Systems

Product explanation: Cloud system

Signal Iduna

Product explanation: Marketing team and sales team alignment


Multilevel campaign for brand awareness and customer reactivation

Burger King

1. Internal communication

2. Brand Awareness and Apprenticeship Campaign

3. Multiple campaigns:
Prize competitions, sweepstakes, coupon management and distribution

Bayerische Handwerkstage e.V.

1. Awareness for Apprenticeship campaign

2. Awareness for Apprenticeship campaign with career choices


1. Technical Design Guide

2. Gamification Design Guide

3. Video preparation

Land Sachsen

1. Abrafaxes Hidden Object

2. Virtual Christmas Market


Advent calendar for internal communication


1. Product launch campaign

2. Memory sweepstake

3. Memory sweepstake winter edition

Coca Cola

1. Brand Awareness

2. Product launch campaign

John Reed Fitness

1. Brand Awareness

2. Product launch campaign